About Patricia Rossignol

Patricia Rossignol's story began in a typical middle-class home in New Jersey. Her family's background in the financial industry inspired Patricia to have a passion for business very early on, making her a groundbreaking female business leader with a career that has been anything but typical. Her storied career in design, sales, and marketing presented diverse opportunities in the fashion world, culminating in her creation of the Rossignol 1634® Luxury Fragrance Collection. Mrs. Rossignol’s distinguished family is renowned for their patronage of the arts and fashion. Being an exclusive patron of fashion houses from Chanel to Dolce & Gabbana to Schiaparelli she's been featured in many high profile PR features including with the much revered Karl Lagerfeld and the Queens: Alta Moda di Dolce & Gabbana. While in the states, Mrs. Rossignol devotes much of her time to philanthropy and the arts and of course expanding the Rossignol 1634® international brand.
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