Brad Husted

Owner of the marketing firm, Phoenix3 Marketing, and twenty year design and marketing veteran. Brad and his team craft strategic and tactical marketing for premium brands. Building brands that move people, support a positive customer experience and contribute to growth.

Relying on creativity, analytical skills and experience to develop and strengthen marketing efforts. Phoenix3 has countless reliable resources at their fingertips that assist in providing quality services in a timely and efficient manner. The team asks questions, listens and communicate effectively and are responsible in order to achieve their client’s goals.

They are recognized by clients year after year from their long-standing relationships with our clients gives them the most pride. We are grateful for our ability to continue to build their brand and help them move their businesses to the next level.

The Phoenix3 team has been instrumental since the inception of the Rossignol 1634 brand to develop logos, packaging, e-commerce and marketing strategy.
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