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The family roots trace back to 1634 in Burgundy, France when nine generations of wine growers and industrialists combined strength, quality, and aspirational magic to craft the “nec plus ultra” or “best you can find” in crafting wines, skis, trains, and life saving drugs.

Today, Patricia Rossignol continues the family heritage by bringing the feminine quality to the strength of the past. Her dreams are her reality. With her French chemist husband by her side, she is the first female and part of the Tenth generation to add a new facet to the Rossignol family heritage.

Dreaming of fragrance, fashion, and art while traveling the globe, she is introducing a luxury line of niche fragrances, which are artistic, timeless, classic and modern.

Living the motto, “one step in the past and one step in the future”, guides her choices as she has developed a line of unisex fragrances centered on the spicy oriental class.

“Fragrance is emotional, romantic, sensual and exotic and can be layered for uniqueness”. Each fragrance represents quality, and emotional lifting. It is a moment of happiness and memories of all the things past and possible.

With a long line of masculine influences, connected with the passion and clarity of the first female generation, we can emotionally connect our senses and layer the feminine with the strong masculinity of the earth.
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