Cécile Hua

was born in Marseille to a half French, half Vietnamese family, celebrating a mix of culture and talent: her father a musician, her mother a sculptress, her uncle a photographer, one sister a soprano and another make up artist. Her environment gave Cécile, at age 7, the inspiration to express her creativity through her own talent: concocting scents.

Her passion for the art of Perfumery lies in its craft. Cécile is fascinated by composing something herself with raw materials, infusing it with personality, and sometimes a very personal message. Cecile was the first recipient of the Fashion Group International Rising Star Award for the Fragrance Design category in 2003.
Her Inspiration and Universe

The great painters, such as Van Gogh, Toulouse-Lautrec or Modigliani, who, despite having access to the same pallet of colors, played with unique combinations of textures, colors and light to give their works a strong signature and an emotional footprint.

The simple, raw beauty of everyday life.

Her children, looking at the world

in a fresh, and innocent way.

Explosions of colors

and contrasts of light and shadow.

The ability to go from a rough sketch to a pattern.
Some Creations

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Fresh

Ralph Love

Atelier Cologne

Grand Néroli

Paris Hilton

Fairy Dust


Connect for Her, for Him

Lilly Pulitzer


Jessica Simpson

I Fancy You

Victoria’s Secret

Pink Relax 2015

4711 Acqua Colonia

Pink Pepper & Grapefruit

Michael Jordan

Balanced by M. Jordan

Hard Candy

Hard Candy



Abercrombie & Fitch

8 uncovered



Laura Mercier

L’Heure Magique
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