Pour Le Jour


Rossignol 1634 niche fragrances capture their heritage with artful scents and timeless notes – layered to create and define the wearers own classic elegance. Each fragrance lives up to its heritage by featuring cassis and amber woods from the Burgundy wine region. Patricia Rossignol and her team, which includes the world-renowned MANE Fragrance, have worked painstakingly on every element of these fragrances to fine tune the perfect scents that captured the spirit of the Rossignol heritage. This line of luxury fragrances captivates the senses of today's modern consumer being designed for both women and men who appreciate the finer elements of life including; art, fashion, fine wine and enjoy travel.

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A dramatic overdose of spicy pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon and cardamom drives this exceptional scent. Layers of spice seem to sparkle against the creamy heart of smooth petals. Rich, elegant back notes of addictive tonka, vanillla, and ambery woods deliver incomparable sensual impact.


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